Petar Pan - Vipera

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gun works on principle of military crossbow what means that shoots the spear faster than any other type of roller
thanks to pulleys speed of spear is twice bigger than the speed of shrinking bands
it is made of 9laminates iroko and wrapped in 2 layer of carbon to get maximum hardness and prevent bending
-HANDLE has anatomic shape for right handed with thumb rest so the customer have better stability during shooting
parts of handle made of black and white ebony one of the most rarest species of wood in the world
-Mechanism ABELLAN
-spear track made of graphite to reduce friction
-in front of gun there is chamber for lead to achieve better balance
-bands 3x17.5 plus 1x14 circular band
-shaft 8mm
-airbrush painted
-Spear fly faster compared to other rollers even bands are stretch on the same 3.5 coefficient
-bands last longer because they are not skating around the roller it roll just a rope
-better view because all the bands will be installed under the guns except circular band that is used for initial acceleration