It all began in the early childhood. I grew up in Croatia (Europe), on the shores of one of the cleanest seas in the world, the Adriatic Sea. Love for the blue sea, diving and spearfishing has always been part of my life.

I started with the bow and arrow, but with the years, appetite for something much stronger grew. At first, my parents could not afford me a real spear gun and later, I couldn’t find one that would suit me in stores - they were all too expensive, too big and served more like paddles. I tried using spearguns of big manufacturers, but whole time one thought led me: "I need speargun in a smaller package that has at least two times more power than standard one."

Therefore, in past few years the idea of "home-made" spear gun crystallized, one that is made of wood, smaller, stronger and more accurate than traditional ones. Producing it meant real revolution for my spearfishing and for my way of living as well. From the hobby of mine it became much more and now I’m spending most of the day in my workshop producing unique, state of the art spearguns.

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